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Welcome to Zelina's Mixed Bag of Showtunes

This mixed bag offers a variety of stage shows, films, TV, and other soundtracks!
Current Updates

  • The August Monthly Special's poll is up! There are currently 15 choices to pick from, and we ask that you vote for your top two choices! Poll closes on Tuesday the 28th @ 9 PM CST.

    The special is scheduled for Wednesday, August 29th at 9 PM CST. The encore presentation for those who miss it, or of a different time zone, will be played at 6 AM the following morning (August 30th). More information can be found on our Facebook page.

  • Possibly Our Last Month
    Since we are very dependent on listenership to keep the station up, we may not make it past our 9-month anniversary. That means that the station's stream will stop working around September 4th if we can't meet the 130 hours a day requirement.

    We have some loyal listeners out there, and we ask you to please continue listening and help spread the word of the station! We are quite close to the numbers we need, but time is a-ticking!

    If we don't make our numbers, we want to thank you in advance for tuning in. We also hope you have found new shows, songs, and/or performers!

    We have contemplated switching providers/host, however, there is no budget to sustain it past a few months.
Posted August 20th, 2018

  • The May Monthly Special featuring past Best Musical Tony Winners went off with a bang! The 2018 Tony Nominees for Best Musical (+Revival) made it just in time.

  • Despite the Tonys already happening, it's never to late to air the June Monthly Special showcasing the past Winners of Best Musical Revivals!

    The special is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20th at 9 PM CST. The encore presentation for those who miss it, or of a different time zone, will be played at 6 AM the following morning (June 21st). More information can be found under the events of our Facebook page.

  • Segment Introduction and Ad-Fillers
    We have been keeping up with the listenership, and we notice that people drop due to the shift of segments & ads. In response to this, little introductions that will be played at the beginning of every segment or hour (we are still deciding that), stating the upcoming (or current) programming.

    As for the ads, we'll be utilizing old commercials from radio and television, and mix them into 2-minutes tracks.

  • The July Monthly Special will be the return of our the theme poll and intermission. The link to the poll will be posted within a week's time, so please check back here, or our social media!
Posted June 12th, 2018

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